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Homeschool Fever

Home Schooling is Becoming the New Norm More parents are beginning to opt out of institutionalized learning and moving towards homeschooling. This comes as no surprise due to the enrollment of homeschooled students in 2016 reaching approximately 2.3 million. Homeschool enrollment is becoming[Read More...]

Summer Activities for Students

Kids love the summer! It’s great time for them to have fun but is also a great opportunity to learn. Here are some fun summer learning activities for you and your kids: • Read – Books are an excellent way to pass time, absorb knowledge, and expand imaginations. • Journal – Kids can reflect on the[Read More...]


SUMMER SERVICE The school year is coming to a close but that does not mean the learning has to stop. Summer is the perfect opportunity to continue your child’s education through real life application. Some things just can’t be taken from a textbook, by going out into the world students will build[Read More...]

Every Student Learns at their own PACE

Mountain View’s Christian Home School offers a curriculum that will make learning a rewarding experience. Each curriculum is broken down into smaller workbooks called PACEs providing 12 within one subject. Unlike a regular textbook, the PACEs are full of vibrant illustrated lessons as well as fun ac[Read More...]

3 Ways to Help Your Home-Schooled Child Meet Other Children

Providing socialization opportunities for homeschooled children is just as important as their education. There are many ways to meet up with other children for the social aspect of life including: Homeschooling groups – many areas offer organized homeschooling events where children and their parent[Read More...]

Importance of Character-Building

Making a world of difference in education At Mountain View Christian Home School we not only provide your child with an excellent education, but we individualize each child’s experience. We focus on the building up of character partnered with an advanced education. Children learn important societ[Read More...]

Setting a Strong Foundation: The Benefits of a Christian Education

Setting a Solid Foundation As a child grows up, their parents strive to teach them right from wrong so when their child heads out into the world, they make positive decisions. To reinforce these ideals, parents will want to consider a Christian education for their child. At Mountain View Christia[Read More...]

Increase Learning and Decrease Cost through Homeschool

Education Costs Between school supplies and extracurricular activities, the cost of sending your child to school adds up quickly. Even sending your children to public school where a tuition is not required, is pricey. Homeschooling your child is an affordable alternative. At Mountain View Chri[Read More...]

Advantages of Homeschooling

Homeschooling The advantages of homeschooling are many. You can control the subjects you child learns. Your morals and values are being taught to your child, not those of another person. In addition, the one on one attention allows a child to excel in ways that they cannot in other schooling situ[Read More...]

Blending Faith with Home Schooling

Superior academic achievement is important for every child. Our youth must earn an education that helps them succeed in life. Not just reading and writing, though those are necessities too. We feel our young must learn through Christ as well. Insuring this education is well rounded is just as essent[Read More...]

Top Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

Top Reasons to Homeschool Your Child • Faith-based Education With Mountain View Christian Home School, you can ensure that a solid moral value system is given to your child, along with faith-based educational materials. With such classes available such as New Testament Survey, Old Testament Sur[Read More...]

Preparing for Homeschooling

Stepping Stones for Homeschool Preparation You have recently decided that you have the time, mentality, resources, and passion to homeschool. So what do you do next? With so many decisions to make, it can all seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you prepare for homeschooling your child[Read More...]

Creating Independent Thinkers through Home Schooling

     Thinking Independently One main concern you may have about homeschooling your child is that they will be negatively affected by not being around other students, it actually has the opposite effect. Your student will be less likely to follow the pack after being h[Read More...]

Fact vs Fiction-Debunking 3 Homeschooling Myths

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear For as long as kids have been homeschooled, there have been the negative stereotypes that have surrounded it. Here are 3 of the tales debunked by actual evidence. Very few kids are homeschooled- The fact is more than 2.5 million children in the United [Read More...]

One-on-One: Individualized Attention for Your Student

Teach-to-Student Ratio The problems that most people-and students, have when in a traditional school is the student-to-teacher ratio. With a classroom full of individuals who have their own set of needs that need to be met, it can be hard for a teacher to get to them all. Rather than let you[Read More...]