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Homeschool Fever

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Home Schooling is Becoming the New Norm

More parents are beginning to opt out of institutionalized learning and moving towards homeschooling.

This comes as no surprise due to the enrollment of homeschooled students in 2016 reaching approximately 2.3 million. Homeschool enrollment is becoming a growing trend and is beginning to outnumber private school enrollment.

The rise of homeschool sign ups are most likely due to reasons including safety, academic quality, religion, socialization, intimate classroom setting, and more.

Mountain View Christian Homeschool offers exceptional schooling that your child might not receive at a public school. For more information on Mountain View or to sign up for the fall semester visit the Mountain View Christian Homeschool.

Summer Activities for Students

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Kids love the summer! It’s great time for them to have fun but is also a great opportunity to learn. Here are some fun summer learning activities for you and your kids:
• Read – Books are an excellent way to pass time, absorb knowledge, and expand imaginations.
• Journal – Kids can reflect on their experiences and devotions through journaling their thoughts.
• Vacation learning – If you have a family vacation planned, make time to take educational detours. Visit museums or historical sites, kids can learn and create unforgettable memories.
• Go Outside – Spending time outside is good for health. Take your kids bird watching, hiking, or a trip to the zoo. Kids will have fun and learn while getting fresh air.
• Arts and Crafts – Save money and get creative by doing craft projects with your kids. Pinterest is a great resource to finding fun crafts that kids will love.
To sign up for fall enrollment visit Christian Home School.


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The school year is coming to a close but that does not mean the learning has to stop. Summer is the perfect opportunity to continue your child’s education through real life application. Some things just can’t be taken from a textbook, by going out into the world students will build character and broaden their minds.

There are several ways your child can apply what they’ve learned throughout the year while gaining firsthand experience.

Serve the local community – get them involved in a local charity by volunteering at a food bank or organize a clothing drive for the homeless in your city.

Mission Trip – there are many organizations that have global mission programs. These life-changing experiences will impact a student’s life if they spend the summer working with orphans in Mexico, or building water wells in Africa.

Volunteer at a Church – gain first-hand work experience doing clerical work in a church office or volunteering as a leader at a summer camp.
The opportunities are endless.

They will benefit your child as well as look great on college applications. For additional information on Christian homeschooling visit

Every Student Learns at their own PACE

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Mountain View’s Christian Home School offers a curriculum that will make learning a rewarding experience. Each curriculum is broken down into smaller workbooks called PACEs providing 12 within one subject. Unlike a regular textbook, the PACEs are full of vibrant illustrated lessons as well as fun activities to change up the student’s learning experience.

Each PACE starts with the student setting goals for themselves as well as grasp an understanding of what they will be learning. A bible verse will be chosen along with a coinciding character trait and the PACE is ready to move forward. It is important for the student to understand that they are responsible for their learning progress and that they have what it takes to accomplish their goals.

The rest of the PACE consists of checkups, activities and practice tests to prepare them for their final test upon completion.

If you are interested in enrolling your student fill out an online application now.

3 Ways to Help Your Home-Schooled Child Meet Other Children

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Providing socialization opportunities for homeschooled children is just as important as their education. There are many ways to meet up with other children for the social aspect of life including:
Homeschooling groups – many areas offer organized homeschooling events where children and their parents can get together for activities like field trips and dances.
Sports programs – community sports groups are a great opportunity for homeschoolers to get physically active while meeting new friends. Check with the local recreation board or school district to find recreational programs.
Playdates – taking kids to the local park can be an effective way to make new friends in your own neighborhood. If you live in a rural location, arrange playdates with the children of friends and family members.

Importance of Character-Building

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Making a world of difference in education

At Mountain View Christian Home School we not only provide your child with an excellent education, but we individualize each child’s experience. We focus on the building up of character partnered with an advanced education. Children learn important societal habits when they are young that often impact their future. Mountain Christian applies Biblical principles to every aspect of life, which is why we give extra effort to help families in the home-schooling process.

Each lesson is integrated with Godly character-building lessons into the academic content. This holistic approach allows Mountain View Christian Home School to stand out from other home-schooling options. To sign up for enrollment and find out more about our affordable pricing contact us.

Setting a Strong Foundation: The Benefits of a Christian Education

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Setting a Solid Foundation

As a child grows up, their parents strive to teach them right from wrong so when their child heads out into the world, they make positive decisions. To reinforce these ideals, parents will want to consider a Christian education for their child.
At Mountain View Christian Home School, we provide the Christian curriculum that will teach children all the life lessons you want them to have. All of God’s words will guide them throughout their lives to be great individuals while providing a stellar education. For more information, peruse our site.

Increase Learning and Decrease Cost through Homeschool

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Education Costs

Between school supplies and extracurricular activities, the cost of sending your child to school adds up quickly. Even sending your children to public school where a tuition is not required, is pricey. Homeschooling your child is an affordable alternative.
At Mountain View Christian Home School, we provide a high-quality curriculum at an affordable cost. Working with other homeschool parents to cover proctoring sessions can save you money while allowing your kids to socialize with other children as well. Look into your local government as some states offer a voucher program that can help you with costs.
For more information about our curriculum and costs, peruse our site.

Advantages of Homeschooling

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The advantages of homeschooling are many. You can control the subjects you child learns. Your morals and values are being taught to your child, not those of another person. In addition, the one on one attention allows a child to excel in ways that they cannot in other schooling situations.
Parent-child relationships can be strengthened and you really get to know your child. Religion also enters into the picture. When homeschooling you decide what is read and how it is presented. You children will be taught according to your world view.

Christian Homeschool Program

When you choose Mountain View Christian Home School, you get more than an organization that just sells curriculum. You get a Christian team of professionals who are committed to supporting all your educational needs.

Blending Faith with Home Schooling

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Superior academic achievement is important for every child. Our youth must earn an education that helps them succeed in life. Not just reading and writing, though those are necessities too. We feel our young must learn through Christ as well. Insuring this education is well rounded is just as essential.

Importance of Christian Teachings at School

At Mountain View Christian Home School, we offer only the best. We take the conventional textbook format and divide it into easy to digest information workbooks called PACEs. Each student is informed of our expectations and chooses a bible verse to be included in their curriculum.

We have found that success is most attainable when children learn through the life of Christ and his teachings. A Christian upbringing assures that children have the character and teachings needed to

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