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One-on-One: Individualized Attention for Your Student

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Teach-to-Student Ratio

The problems that most people-and students, have when in a traditional school is the student-to-teacher ratio. With a classroom full of individuals who have their own set of needs that need to be met, it can be hard for a teacher to get to them all. Rather than let your child’s education slip through the cracks, try homeschooling your child to ensure they get the proper attention. When homeschooled, your child will learn at their pace and will be immediately clear where there area of strengths and weaknesses are. From there you can focus more on the subjects they need help with.

Accredited Home School Program

At Mountain View, we offer an accredited program that offers your student the chance to have the individual attention they need. For more information about our program, visit us online or contact us at (888)442-5180.


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