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Top Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

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Top Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

• Faith-based Education
With Mountain View Christian Home School, you can ensure that a solid moral value system is given to your child, along with faith-based educational materials. With such classes available such as New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, Life of Christ, New Testament Church History, Successful Living, Christian Growth, and Introduction to Missions, your child can have the Bible and growth in their faith integrated along with their lessons.

• Catering to Your Child’s Unique Schedule
Does your child like to sleep later? Maybe they prefer to wake up early and complete their schooling, then have the rest of the day off? Whatever their unique schedule, you can cater to their ideal needs and learning times through homeschooling.

• One-on-One Personalized Schooling
Don’t let your child get lost in the crowd—at public schools, classrooms can be overcrowded, and teachers overwhelmed. Rarely, if ever, do teachers spend quality one-on-one teaching time with your child. By ordering one of our accredited packages, you can ensure that your child gets the quality learning time they need.

• Accredited Home School Packages
At Mountain View Christian Home School, our accredited packages ensure that your child will be receiving the best in not just educational materials, but also Christian educational materials. For more information about our program, contact us at (888)442.5180.


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