Benefits Of Homeschooling

With the variety of schooling options available in education today, you may have considered homeschooling your child. Perhaps you’ve heard friends or family talk about doing this themselves, and you’ve wondered whether it is right for your family. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the benefits of homeschooling. Be sure to check back for part two in this series on the benefits of homeschooling.

At Mountain View Christian Home School, we are proud to partner with you as parents to advance your child’s education through building their character. We provide the educational tools and services you need to teach your children in the way that best suits their individual needs. To learn more about our online homeschool curriculum and what it offers, please contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s education.


Academic Flexibility

One of the disadvantages of a traditional classroom is the fact that every student in the room is at a different point in their education. Some students are advanced, some struggle to understand grade-level material, still others are strong-willed or creative. Teachers certainly have a challenge to try and meet the academic needs of each child.

When you homeschool your child, you can easily determine where their academic strengths lie, so that you can tailor the program to best meet their needs. In fact, if your child needs to work with material that is advanced in one subject and on grade level for another, then you have that freedom when you use an online homeschool curriculum.

Excellence In Education

One of the great benefits of a homeschool experience is that you can adapt your teaching methods to the ones that best suit the way your child learns. There are a number of ways that each of us learns best, which is why it’s important to discover how your child processes information. The primary types of learner styles include:

  • Visual — learn what they see
  • Kinesthetic — learn what they do
  • Auditory — learn what they hear
  • Copy — learn what they can copy
  • Scribble — learn what they write out
  • Trust — learn from authority
  • Teach — learn from teaching
  • Stress — learn what stresses them
  • Ease — learn what relaxes them

Efficient And Meaningful Learning

Many parents are surprised to discover how much information they can cover with their child in just a few hours. In fact, most of the time, children who are homeschooled are able to complete a full day’s worth of work in just a few hours. The primary reason for this is that there are practically no disruptions when compared with a traditional classroom. While a teacher may have 45 minutes to teach a subject, a good portion of that time is spent dealing with interruptions, questions, and transition time as students grab different books and supplies.

As your child is able to give their full attention to the material at hand, they will be able to draw more meaning and understanding from the subject. Whether they are learning about the founding of our nation, how to tell time, or crafting a thesis statement, you’ll enjoy watching them spend their time in meaningful learning.

Discuss Controversial Topics At Your Discretion

When your child is in a traditional classroom setting, you and they are at the mercy of what the school district has deemed appropriate to discuss. While you have the option to pull your child from the classroom during these times, it’s not an ideal solution as this essentially becomes wasted time. Homeschooling your child means that you can decide both what topics and the depth that you want to cover.

At Mountain View Christian Home School, we are proud to provide the online homeschool curriculum you need to provide the best education possible for your child. Our Christian curriculum contains animation, video clips, and other forms of multimedia to ensure that your child can engage completely and meaningfully with the material. Contact us today to learn more about our online homeschool curriculum.